How To Harness The Power Of IT

Infrastructure as a Service In The Digital Age

Every part of your business from the back-end operations to the customer experience is affected by IT infrastructure. For business owners, investing in a comprehensive IT infrastructure is one of the most important decisions to make. IaaS offers countless benefits to businesses.

If you have not yet discovered the advantages of using IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service , read through this article and know how it can help you obtain IT capabilities and meet your needs to achieve the desired business outcomes.

What is IT Inf rastructure-as-a- Service(Iaas):

IaaS is an IT model in which organizations outsource the physical resources used for support operations, including hardware, equipment, servers, storage devices, and networking components. The service provider owns the resources, and thus is responsible for the house, running, upgrading, and maintaining them.

IaaS offers countless benefits to businesses, and the following are some of the benefits it provides:


Cost Savings

Cost savings is one of the main benefits of IaaS, because of its low infrastructure costs, as it follows pay-as-you-go model for billing the services, organizations or companies on the IaaS model have no frilly costs attached to it, they do not have to pay monthly or annual fees for benefits they do not use. IaaS is also the perfect solution for small enterprises which don’t have huge IT infrastructure and need few IT staff to manage such IT operations.


Increased Performance, Decreased CapEx

A well-known benefit of IaaS involves increased performance.

With IaaS technology, your infrastructure is provided and supported by the IaaS cloud service provider of your choice. This means that you can save your business the upfront costs associated with purchasing, maintaining, and operating hardware, thus decreasing overall capital expenditure (CapEx) for your IT spending.

It enables businesses to focus on their core business model.. organizations small or big can ensure that they are getting the best performance from your cloud provider’s infrastructure by having Service Level Agreements (SLA).

With IaaS technology, your in-house IT team can spend more time focusing on how they can help further your business goals and objectives through technology rather than buying the latest hardware for your infrastructure.


Increased Scalability and Flexibility

Important advantages of IaaS involve scalability and flexibility, when your business opens a new offce location, you do not need to spend the money and time to purchase and initiate new hardware to support that offce; instead, you can virtually connect to your infrastructure. IaaS gives any growing business the flexibility it needs from its IT infrastructure.

Iaas allows for quick and easy allocation of resources in a monitored environment where overloading is never a concern as long as the system is managed properly.

To determine a right-sized solution, ongoing performance testing is essential. IT administrators must continually measure factors such as response time, number of requests, CPU load, and memory usage.

Automation can also help optimize cloud scalability. You can determine thresholds for usage that trigger automatic scaling so that there’s no effect on performance.


Increased Support for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic is the case study for the benefits of IaaS. While the workforce is on quarantine because of lockdowns, companies could still sustain their operations because of work-from-home setups.

Minimizing downtime is another benefit of IaaS, if there was a power outage in the offce or a weather calamity that rendered the offce uninhabitable, this would mean work continuity would be affected, with Iaas this has become a thing of the past if your business did face a disaster event, the time it would take to fully restore your infrastructure would be greatly reduced.

Most IaaS cloud service providers host their equipment in highly secure, available, purposely built data centers that have redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity. That will assist your business to continue its operations without suspending its infrastructure.


Increased Security

A very significant part of Iaas is security, Security should always be a critical element of any aspect of your IT environment, your business will be at risk if your security is neglected, services providers of Iaas have guidelines to the physical location, raised floor setups, and multiple forms of authentication, this is mainly to protect client data with high intensity, end-to-end encryption and encryption at rest for private and confidential data.

It is best to enquire with your potential Iaas services provide on their security policies and the measures they take to protect their data to make sure they’re aligned with your business security requirements.

Five points to look at when considering Iaas security.

1. Encrypt data at rest

2. Patch consistently

3. Monitor and inventory

4. Manage access

To ensure your organization’s entire infrastructure is monitored, managed, and secured to yield the best business operations, OGT offers comprehensive services that quickly and effectively identify issues and substantially reduce costs associated with downtime through rapid resolutions and problem prevention. We customize your organization according to your needs, resulting in better management and maintenance.

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