How Does Artificial Intelligence impact the ‘Gig’ Economy? 

The virtual-work model has taken the forefront of many organizations today. Flexibility for employees to have a work-life balance. Freelance workers and independent contractors are becoming more attractive in the labor market as employers can connect with skilled professionals through digital technology platforms. The evolution of the ‘Gig’ Economy has catalyzed opportunities in the labor market for the entrepreneur who wants to work independently and the junior work professional who wants to gain experience in a particular career field.

Artificial Intelligence simply put is a modern approach to performing tasks that would require human intelligence. Emerging digital platforms that enable employers to connect with skilled professionals and establish relations. Now how does it impact the ‘Gig’ Economy?

The extension of innovation in computer systems, introductions to advanced technologies such as robotics, and 3D printing. And just like we may all know – it is the evolution of the fourth industrial revolution, also known as 4IR. Evolutions surface in the world of work where the majority of the operational systems are automated and overall make contribute to the standpoint of the company with industry and global trends. Habits have changed over the years and a great example of this would be fintech companies that have set their footprints and aligned their services to where the world is inevitably headed.

From non-traditional workspaces, international job market exposure, career pool of opportunity to maximize skillset and earnings simultaneously. Till today there are myths about the viability of the ‘Gig’ Economy. With many aspects to consider such as stability, resources, policy, and procedure dynamics.

Cloud-based platforms are what most companies have incorporated into their organizations to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and their standing in the competitive landscape.

Overall, AI is personification that is a core part of the present and forms part of the future. Luckily the ‘Gig’ Economy is diverse and takes up many forms and inherits a large share of business segments locally and globally.

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