The Art of Connecting with your customer 

There are many different ways of engaging with customers and identifying opportunities to build relationships online and offline. In our constantly evolving world, most organizations have taken advantage of building brand awareness and establishing relations with customers online. We often hear the marketing jargon about “understanding your audience” and being able to create dynamic ways of establishing a human connection with the customer that has taken an interest in your service or product. And so how does an organization leverage its resources to connect with their customer?

In this article, we share some tips on the art of connecting with your customer.


Dynamic approach to customer interactions

Understanding that each customer and circumstance is different and stepping into customer-centricity to ensure that engagement carries an authentic element.


Acknowledgement of feedback from customers

Positive and negative encounters are inevitable in any business. However, what makes your organization stand out is how you follow through with a concern a customer might have. Organizations that attentively listen and identify ways to better the experience of the customer gain loyalty and trust.


Emphasize company values and sentiment

Very much like our slogan, “More than Just Support”. Having a hands-on approach to customer interactions increase the perceptions around your company and thus builds a momentum of loyal advocates of your company.


Express Gratitude

Customer and client appreciation are significant elements of the business and recognizing their efforts to engage with the company, and purchase your product/service builds a foundation of a mutually beneficial relationship that has value and encompasses a connection between both parties. This can be a thank note at the end of the purchase, discount coupons, etc.


Engage with customers online

A very quick way that most customers utilize to share an experience or ask about your product/service. This can occur in the comment section, or direct messages of the brand. And studies show that 80% expect a response within 24hours. Company media presence allows customers to make the initial move to seek your services. In our current digital era, it is paramount to use online engagement as a tool to connect with your customer.


Occasional customer surveys

It is inevitable for a company to seek input from their customers. Henceforth, surveys serve as a great way to get customer insights and also identify where a product or service may benefit from improvement. This will help the company build a long-lasting connection, trust, and boost business revenue.

We have all heard the common saying about “winning a customer for life” and that is through constant effective communication. Human connections are built through experience and encounters. Like they say: First impressions count! When a company continuously invests in the vision and mission overall inclusive of the customer will aid in the achievement of gaining, increasing your market share that will in turn set the tone of where company growth opportunities a present and available for your company to take advantage of.

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