If the computer takes over most of our tasks, what will humans do?

A debate between computers and mankind

Are computers overtaking the purpose of humankind? An exponential phenomenon of how we operate, function, and perform business transactions have surfaced the possibility of the computer being a replacement for what humans are capable of doing manually. However, times have changed and now efficiency and productivity are substantiated by artificial intelligent solutions that assist companies in keeping up with what technology continues to bring forth.

Computers have high capabilities to outperform human competence and generate a form of ‘singularity’ when it comes to resources of what takes authority in helping humans find solutions around them. A great example would be the GPS on your phone being the first go-to consulted when looking for directions instead of the old school roadmap. Human labor is slowly becoming obsolete, as computers and technology advance and creates solutions that surpass the abilities of mankind.

Artificial Intelligence may be at the forefront, but humans are inevitably going to be met with the challenge of navigating the technical skills to be a part of the workforce. According to research, technical skills are at the top of the list when it comes to on-demand skills. Therefore, this creates an augmented requirement for humans in society to enroll themselves in educational programs that will allow them to get certified and qualified to utilize a particular software. Catalyzing lifelong learning and reinforcing the ability for humans to work anywhere in the world. So, your question right now may be, what more is left for humankind?

Computers form part of the hard skills that also need a mutual balance of another set of skills that humans possess such as empathy, critical thinking, strategic thinking, creativity, and imagination. In essence, computers and humans are interdependent on each other to succeed in some way depending on the functionalities needed to perform an action.

On the contrary, humans actually possess the power of comprehension whilst technology and computers are conditioned, and this narrows their capabilities to be more superior to humans.

Human characteristics such as emotional intelligence have gained prominence to the extent of ranking up to how AI technologies are becoming more common and popular around the world. Human prerogative is something that will be linked to our computerized transactions in the majority of circumstances of business or leisure. Let us also not forget how the human brain simultaneously has a great capacity for theoretical and photographic memory of events that have occurred.

Humans account for the natural resources that have a positive influence on the environment and the economy, although we still do require computerized capabilities to balance out the scales when the natural resources impact costs, time, and productivity.

Ultimately, between a computer and humans, there is no winner because they are in simple terms “the best of both worlds”.

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